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We were approached by the visual merchandising team at Harrods in Spring 2016 and asked if we could make up over 400 extra full tassels for their upcoming spring display..... they were delighted with the product and we had such great feedback :) Since then we've made up paper poms and mini pom garlands for their Easter room displays in 2017.



'As promised, just a couple of photo’s to show you what we did with your lovely garlands. Everyone is really pleased with them, so no doubt there will be a few more orders coming your way.

Thank-you once again for all your help!'


.... and they really did love the tassels..... so much so they ordered more, this time to display in their Easter room. We think they look AMAZING!!!

EASTER 2017 - Paper Pom Poms and Pom Garlands

Paper Pom Poms VM for Harrods
Easter poms for Harrods
Paper Poms VM for Harrods
Pom Garlands VM for Harrods
Mini Pom Garlands for Harrods
Paper Pom Garlands
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